bonjour, bisou & lula
bonjour, bisou & lula

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How do i sell Lularoe? 

The big question! I know, you've probably already fallen in love with LuLaRoe if you have reached this page, or you have realized what an incredible opportunity it is, and have maybe even heard a little bit about the earning potential. 

  1. Before jumping in, start think about why you want to make LLR a part of your life? The clothes sell themselves, they are amazing. We all need money -- that is your what. What is your WHY? Why will you get up every morning excited about being a part of this company? What thrills you and motivates you and inspires you? If you still do not know a lot about LLR and what it stands for, I encourage you to visit LuLaRoe and get a better grasp. I love this company, and everything Deanne stands for. I want to change women's lives. I want to change the world. 
  2. Okay, you have your why, or at least the bones of one! Now what? LuLaRoe is a brand new company! They just celebrated their 3rd birthday (in 2016), and are the fastest growing company in the USA. WOW. Okay, let that sink in. So, there are hundreds of women (and men!)  a day signing up to become fashion consultants. The goal number is around 100,000 -- currently there are somewhere around 15,000. There is a wait time, so the sooner you get on the wait the better, and from there you can begin preparing to Launch your LuLaRoe business. Here is link to SIGN UPShortly after you sign up you will receive an email with your consultant ID, and it will ask you to return an email to them with: 
    1. Consultant ID
    2. Voided Check (So they can link your bank account you will be paid into when the time comes.)
    3. Signed Consultant Agreement

You will need to email me ( to receive the Consultant Agreement, and I would like to help prepare you for success! I have lots of things (documents, videos, etc.) that will be of great use to you, as well as let you into a community of LLR consultants (our team!) who you can ask anything anytime! 

From there, we will hopefully be in close contact, so that I can help you set goals and reach them, as well as guide you through the Queue process so that you will be more than prepared when you receive your call to onboard! 

The cost

The On-boarding Package is an ever-changing and evolving beautiful creature. While you are waiting in the queue, it is likely to change, but the base cost generally stays around $5,500, with an optional add on of around $1,000 that comes with 25 free items. 

Now this $5,500-$6,500 will get you your initial inventory, but I would plan on spending anywhere from $600-$1,500 on supplies to get you going. This would include things like: 

  • clothing racks
  • hangers
  • storage bins
  • photography backdrop & tripod 
  • shipping supplies 
  • Dymo printer

If you decide to sign up, or are curious for more info, there is an excel sheet with items I suggest to purchase I can shoot your way.

Just email!