bonjour, bisou & lula
bonjour, bisou & lula
I’ve no idea when I’m going to wear it, the girl replied calmly. I only knew that I had to have it. Once I tried it on, well... She shrugged. The dress claimed me.
— Isabel Wolff, A Vintage Affair


LuLaRoe is the mother company in a direct sales movement. Yes, direct sales, sounds awful, right? That is so far from the case. Unlike other direct sales companies each 'fashion consultant' owns their own inventory. 

Fashion Consultants have a couple options when in comes to how they hold sales: 

1. In-home Popups

So the in-home popup is incredible because it allows women to see and feel the clothing. I know we are in an age when shopping online is seriously the norm, but one of LuLaRoe's claims to fame is that the clothing is "simply comfortable." Every item slips on and makes you feel incredible, beautiful, and COMFORTABLE. Also, you cannot always capture the true beauty of a print in a photograph, and seeing them in person is amazing. 

2. Online Popup (via Facebook generally)

If you have not been invited to a group, you will soon! They are generally private, so that everyone you are friends with does not have to know when you type "sold" on your twentieth pair of leggings. (Our Facebook Group if you want to peek around. 

Even when it comes to popups online, there are a variety of places to buy & sell. The "VIP" group is the fashion consultants private group of clientele. Most consultants will host a popup on their group page about once a week, for 24 hours at a time. "Where the heck do I shop?" is a frequent question for those new to the LLR culture. 

  1. Once you are in the group, head to the photos. 
  2. Once in the photos there should be multiple tabs, one that says "Albums."
  3. Click "Albums," and you will be led to the first page of photo albums. They should be titled by Style, so you can search the inventory based on your favorite styles. Sizes will be denoted within each album. (ex. Amelia, OS Leggings, Cassie, etc.) 

Then, there are the Multi-Consultant parties. These are for those of us who are searching for something in particular and do not want to visit 20 different consultant sales on different days. In these parties there are usually between 10 and 20 consultants posting inventory, yet, as opposed to the 1,000 to 3,000 followers that are shopping VIP groups, there are roughly 10,000 followers, give or take the pages popularity! Within the group the items for sale will be posted in the Photo Albums, similarly to the VIP group as state above, but generally organized slightly different. There are 2 ways I've seen it done: 

First Way is divided by style & size: examples being XXS Amelia, or M Cassie. 

Second Way is by consultant. So each album would be named after the consultant, and within that album would contain all of their items for sale. 

Now, there are certainly ways to get creative beyond these sales. Some consultants do "leggings of the month club" or mystery leggings with a chance to get a free pair, or a unicorn pair in your package. 

*Side note: Unicorn: In LLR culture a unicorn is determined by the individual as a highly desired print. There are prints desired by many, so some "unicorns" are more popular than others. More often that not the "unicorn" is a pair of leggings, although any style & print can be deemed a "unicorn."