Deidre Carpenter

Designing our LuLa Cottage

Deidre Carpenter
Designing our LuLa Cottage

We are so incredibly blessed to have a little "cottage" for our LuLa space. I know a lot of women do this straight out of their living room, basement and guest rooms - which work  too! You definitely can make it work. We were just lucky enough to have a space we can transform! I want to keep you posted as we transform it from beginning to end! Right now we are clearing the "junk" out and painting the walls. Things we still have to do construction wise: 

  1. Fix 2 leaks in the ceiling
  2. Sand & Stain the floors
  3. Finish the windows
  4. Add shutters and a little patio

Then comes the fun stuff!

  • Setting up our racks & displays
  • Building a dressing room
  • Creating an office space
  • Creating a Lounge/kids area
  • Creating a photography wall/space

This may not seem fun to all of you, but we are super excited! So stay tuned to see how we transform our space!