Deidre Carpenter

In the LuLaRoe Queue

Deidre Carpenter
In the LuLaRoe Queue

So if you are in the queue, or thinking about becoming a consultant and wondering what you need to do after you get into the queue, this is that list. 

(If you are trying to find out how to sign up to become a consultant, then going to our page "Join the Movement" will be a better place to start.)

Twenty things in 6 weeks

These are in a general order, some bits how I did them, others just landed there. By all means, go in whatever order works for you!


Create your handle

What does this mean? Well, for those of you single people doing this on your own Home Office has said to make your handle:

LuLaRoe First Name Last Name

For those of you in a partnership, it gets a little blurry. We chose:

LuLaRoe Deidre & Elaine (I will update this if I hear it needs to be something different.


Now with your handle you want to create your email address and your social media presence!

Email: (or wherever you so

Facebook Page: Lularoe First Name Last Name

Facebook Group: Can be titled whatever you like, we chose to stick to our handle + VIP, but keep in mind you can change this at any time

*Sidenote: You can customize your URL’s on FB. This is awesome, and especially great for your business cards. I highly suggest doing that. Then, if you have your URL on the business card, it will stay the same even when you change your group name. Cool, eh? Go into settings on either page to do this.

*Sidenote 2:

  1. Facebook Page: This is your public Business Profile, anyone can see this, anyone can find it from a google search. People can message you through this, so they don’t need to message your personal account, and vice versa. Also, when you post in this page, not every post is going to show up in people’s news feeds, so post daily. You can also make an ad campaign through the page, which advertising is tax deductible.

  2. Facebook Group: This is where you will hold your sales. It will be a closed group, so people can find it when they search Facebook, but they have to join to see the posts. This also means the only people that can see when someone posts or comments in this group are people who are also in that group. So all their friends don’t need to know they just bought their 10th pair of leggings.

  1. In the Facebook Group, you can add members and your members can add members. Don’t do this. Don’t ask people to do this. Its been a growing trend to grow numbers in your group but the truth is, it doesn’t equate out to people who shop your group. Instead invite people and post the link, and encourage your members to do the same. This way people have the choice to be in the group, because often times people get upset when they are added to groups without the desire or their permission. I learned this the hard way. Take my word on it. You will just upset people, and have most of the people leave the group or simply turn off the notifications.

Instagram: LularoeFirstNameLastName

Twitter: Might have to shorten, Lularoefirstnamelastinitial

Periscope: Will be the same as your twitter

Pinterest: LularoeFirstNameLastName (Don’t feel this is a must.)


Once these are created, you might want to hold off on sharing about your Facebook Group until closer to your launch, or simply do 1 giveaway a week, but certainly don’t overpost in here before you have something to offer. People will probably just leave the group.

I would take the time to Post in your Facebook Page and Instagram daily. If you want, you can post instagram daily, and link to Facebook Page & Twitter, and have that one post be your post of the day across all platforms. Utilize popular hashtags. Only hashtag #lularoe if it is a truly awesome photo that you could see them reposting on their instagram. If you are unsure about the types of photos they repost, go to their instagram and check it out. Also, they have given permission to regram all of their instagram photos, not ones that they have regrammed. If you have questions regarding this, feel free to shoot me an email.


Know your Why -- Begin everything with your Why

Know why want to sell LLR, and don’t say for the money, that is your WHAT.

Does the company inspire you? Are you head over heels for the clothes and can’t wait to share? Do you want to help change other people’s lives utilizing LLR? This is essential! The clothes will sell themselves, why are you doing it?

Watch: Simon Sinek - How Great Leaders inspire Action

Read: The Power of Ted


Register your sole proprietorship or LLC.

If you have questions regarding this choice, please email Be aware that this can take a few weeks and you’ll need it to do other things, such as setting up your bank account.

Small Business Administration - Sole Proprietorship

Small Business Administration- LLC Limited Liability Corporation


Register your DBA (Doing Business As) with the County Clerk or State Government.

Because you will not be doing doing business as simply “First Name, Last Name” this is a legal document you should go ahead and fill out. It’s super simple, and inexpensive. In VA it cost about $12.50, and that includes the certified copy to bring to the bank when setting up business checking.

Registering your DBA


Setup Business Checking Account/Savings Account/Credit Card

It’s important to keep your personal finances separate. Once this is setup, you will need to send a voided check to Home Office to update their information. I encourage you to go into the bank to do this rather than try to set it up online. Talking one and one, and signing paperwork in person is so much easier. I promise. If you are in a partnership, make sure both partners are present,.

Side note: You will need to have your official LLC or SP paperwork to do this step.


Setup expense tracking/mileage tracking

I suggest Quickbooks, the online version. It’s not very expensive (less than $20/month.) There are plenty of apps to help with mileage tracking and I do suggest photographing all receipts to input into Quickbooks.

Get 50% first 6 months at QuickBooks here.


Join some FB Groups

I don’t mean just any old groups.

Ask your sponsor to add you into the team pages.

And join a quebie group or two. My favorite is Dreamers in Waiting.


Get in on the Queue Calls

Every Monday 1pm Pacific Time. Ask your sponsor to forward you the email every week if they aren’t already. (PS. You can still watch them after the fact if you can’t watch them live. BUT, if you watch them live they onboard someone watching every week!)


Ask your sponsor about links to webinars, or search for them on your team pages.

It is never too early to start learning. While you’re waiting, might as well find out what others have taken trial and error, or months, to figure out.


Get on YouTube

Yup. This is really what I’m saying. I say, watch at least 1 video a day! They range from 5 minutes to an hour generally. Just search LuLaRoe and you will get a bunch! Or if you want to learn about something more specific search: 1st week numbers, 1st month numbers, what to do while you’re in the queue, pulling inventory, Audrey tutorial, Shop the Roe tutorial, Google form tutorial, Shipping Easy Tutorial. You get my drift. Some of my favorites are:


Selling LuLaRoe - Everything you need to know to make great money

Husbands, Let’s chat LuLaRoe

LuLaRoe Reality Talk

Superhero Training


Decide on your space

A lot of us have families to take into account, and if you have pets you should try to locate your business in a place in your home that the pets do not have access to. Discuss with the family or roommates to make sure everyone is on the same page. Once this is decided you will have a better idea of what you need to house your inventory and office supplies. If it’s an entire room dedicated to only LuLa you can use the square footage as a tax deduction!


Think about shipping

I highly suggest charging shipping (I personally like either a flat $4 fee, or $3/6/free for 3 or more items. Especially in the beginning. You don’t want to be shoveling out a ton of profit into shipping costs (even though it will be tax deductible either way) because then you do not have that money to reinvest into your business, or to pay off the initial investment. I also suggest not overcharging for shipping because people are likely to become upset and not return to your shop, or not shop at all.


Also, if you don’t want to kill yourself with inventory tracking, invoicing & printing shipping labels I suggest these 4 things:

Shop the Roe - Posting Inventory Online, and keeping track of inventory in general. It also serves the same purpose as your google form, so eliminates the need for that. Once your customers have a free account, there information should auto-populate.

Audrey - For invoicing. This is very VERY important. It has been stated by Home Office in a queue call, that those who do not invoice through Audrey will no longer be able to order inventory. If you need a backup in case Audrey is having technical difficulty, I suggest setting up PayPal for online orders and Square for In-home popups.

ShippingEasy - If you are using a google form, or Shop the Roe, you can transform your customer info from a sale into a CSV file and upload it directly to Shipping Easy. With Shop the Roe, there are a lot less errors in addresses to fix as opposed to information entered wrong in a google form.

Dymo 4XL - You want to aim for selling lots and lots! So don’t be thinking, I’m only going to sell 10 items a week, so I can just use a regular old printer, whatever. Obviously, be true to your own goal, but aim high. I want to sell 100 items a week to cruise qualify, do I want to worry about a slow printer, running out of ink, etc. NO! Thermal Printers are amazing! Keep in mind for Shipping Easy you need the Dymo 4XL, for I believe you can use a cheaper version of the Dymo. Totally your choice. Shop around for this item, I’ve seen a huge variance in pricing. (And keep in mind Staples & Office Depot do price match within 14 days of a certain price I believe.) It does cost upwards of $200, and is tax deductible.


Get Familiar with The Box

This is gold. Literally gold. Any photo you need, document you need, branding basics, MAP pricing etc. ALL IN ONE PLACE.

EVERYTHING. Click it. Fall in love. It’s awesome.


Create your Hostess Packet

If you have never hosted a party, this may be new to you. Here are the basic things you want to talk to your hostess about, keep in mind online parties do differ from inhome popups.

  • Invites - Facebook Event

  • How often they should post in the Event

  • What they should do week of/day of/ hour before

  • What they should share about LLR

  • What items you carry ( don’t want them raving about a maxi if it’s not an item you carry)

  • How to prepare their home

  • What they should wear

  • What they should be doing at the party (trying on clothes, encouraging others to try on clothes, or if online mentioning friends in comments on items they think they’d love

  • The Hostess Rewards (determined by you)

  • Your contact info

Examples: In-home, Online

*Sidenote: I used to design mine.


How do you want to announce your business to your friends and family?

This is huge, and hard for a lot of people. They are afraid of what people will say, and do, and afraid that no one will want to support them. THERE ARE PLENTY OF WOMEN who love LLR, love the clothes, love the community, YOU ARE ONE OF THEM. Why did you fall in love with LLR? Think about this. Also, get someone to snap a few great shots of you and your family and friends in LLR! People want to see you looking awesome in it. It doesn’t have to be a professional photoshoot, by any means, but you do want beautiful, well photographed photos. Check out lularoe’s instagram and the photo’s they repost of consultant’s wearing their clothing to get some ideas.


72-Hour Game Plan

You can do this anytime, but why not start now and get your list going. Now, you really only want to do steps 1-2 until you place your order for inventory. At the time you place your order, then you can begin planning for popups. You want to give your initial inventory about a week to arrive, and I would give yourself a couple days at least to go through it all and get familiarized before your first popup. If you are doing a popup online first, I would give yourself plenty of time to photograph. IT WILL BE TIME CONSUMING. You are photographing 300+ items.



Come up with your Game Plan

Alright, what is your goal in LLR? How much money do you want to make? This is key to planning out how you are going to run your business. I advise you to watch Selling LuLaRoe - Everything you need to know to make great money, she lays out the numbers really nicely, from 1 pop-up/week, to 5 pop-ups/week. Do you want $15,000/year, or do you want to replace a $40,000 income a year? These are two totally different things.

Next, how do you want to pay back your initial investment? Do you need to make a profit in the beginning? Do you want to buy one, replace one, put 10% towards taxes, and the rest of money towards your initial? Do you want to split the remainder to go towards initial and a profit? Or initial and build inventory?  You might need to sit down with your sponsor to get it all on paper, so once you start you know exactly what you are going to put the money towards. If your sponsor is unavailable, please email me, and we’ll set up a time to chat, whether it’s through g-chat, a phone call, facetime, we’re all in this together! (


Shopping List

First, keep track of ALL RECEIPTS! Take a photo. Get an app, whatever it takes. Tax deductions and paying yourself back are both important things. THIS IS PART OF YOUR INITIAL INVESTMENT. So the cost of the Onboarding Package is between $5,500 and $6,500 depending on if you get the add-on. I would be prepared to spend another $1,000 on supplies. That is towards the higher end, but better to be prepared for that. (If you have t buy a new computer that is in addition to the $1,000.)


Here is the rough draft of my shopping list. If you think of anything to add on, or a better place to buy something, please comment on the list so others can benefit from that!


Preferably all of your initial investment is paid from a business credit card with 0% interest intro APR. Ideally. Obviously, our finances are not all the same. But make sure if you put it on a personal card, or from your personal checking/savings, you make a note of that and pay yourself back.


Again, I would sign up for something like QuickBooks right off the bat so taxes aren’t an issue, and you have all your financial info in the same place! Get 50% first 6 months at QuickBooks here.


Think about signage

You will need different signage for online pop-up (digital files) verses in-home popups. Do you want to use a program like to create your own, do you want to download it from the box (EVERYTHING), do you want to shop it on etsy, or have you checked out LuLaRoe Promo?

(It was recently brought to my attention that anyone using the LLR logo and selling marketing materials with it on it are violating Trademark laws. I don’t know much about it, but I don’t advocate for buying those products.)


Get your Business Cards!

Do this anytime after all your social media is set up so you can include all your info! The box has business card graphics, or you can create your own business card logo and submit it to to get approved.

Those are just a couple places, there are plenty more!


Wear LuLaRoe daily

Not a must, but you want to be seen wearing it, and that doesn’t mean an IRMA and LEGGINGS. There are tons of ways to dress up different pieces of LLR, and not everyone wants to wear leggings out in public. Get some skirts, doll yourself up. YOU ARE BECOMING A FASHION CONSULTANT. Get on pinterest, look up popular styles. Do your hair haha. Get excited about the awesome clothes that make you feel awesome wearing, and let everyone see you that way. Be CONFIDENT. Carry your business cards everywhere and hand them out religiously. Yes, you might feel silly. But hey, if you meet someone totally great who ends up falling in love with LLR, how cool?!


The wait to onboard was 10-12 weeks, and its looking like that time is getting cut in half, which is super exciting! What that also means is you need to get the ball rolling. Get GOING. Start your business now, and treat it like a business now. It will be here in NO TIME.


This list is only 20 items, but some of them are going to take time. Some of them you need to do daily. Some take 3 weeks, some time 5 minutes. Look at this list daily and think, what can I do today for my business? Then GO DO IT!